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The company is equipped with the finest machinery in our state of the art manufacturing unit. We use sophisticated assembly line machinery like the most efficient Tape plants, Flat looms, and possess an entire in-house production facility. Latest equipments have been installed to analyze and test all stages of production ensuring that our geotextiles have desired durability and strength.

Affy Techtex provides engineered solutions to problems involving the stabilization of landforms and many other challenges. Each geosynthetic material we produce fulfils a specific function for its application need. We pride ourselves on our materials being environmentally friendly, easy to install, extremely durable, and able to withstand the most harsh forces of nature.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best names in engineered geosynthetic products and product system solutions specific to our customers' needs. These products and solutions are highly durable, cost effective and efficient, and conducive to the environment through the reduction of extraction and depletion of sands and aggregate.