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ground-covers_250x250 Groundcovers, also known as weed guards, are proven for suppressing weeds in landscaping and garden applications without the ues of chemicals. These groundcovers are designed to allow the passage of water, oxygen and nutrients while blocking weeds.

Using weed membrane also helps to keep the ground moist and protects from extreme temperatures, whilst reducing the need for watering of plants. Affy Techtex groundcovers are installed at the interface between soil and a decorative layer such as bark chippings, stone chippings, pebbles or gravel.

Our groundcover rolls are suitable for protecting gardens, flower beds, gravel driveways, under decking, paths, newly planted trees, under bark mulch, landscape projects and can be used to produce mulch mats for tree planting. The fabric is easy to install and effectively suppresses weed growth.

Features of our groundcovers:

  • Weed-control fabric which avoids the use of chemicals
  • Lightweight and simple to install
  • Maintenance free and resistant to microbiological and chemical attack
  • Ideal for landscaping, garden beds and beneath decking
  • UV Stabilized
  • Puncture and abrasion resistant